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New ICTC Building Site Meeting

Current physical progress 66.6%

The first site meeting for 2010 was held today at the Site Office with a brand new project architect in charge. The meeting as usual was attended by all consultants, suppliers, main contractor and us (Estate Office). 

External works: Drainage 95% completed, walkway hand railing completed and walkway roof sheet installation in progress

Internal building work: Completed are all the truss work, door frame fixings and railing work. In progress are tile work, wall partition, ceiling work, internal plumbing work. 

Special thanks to the building material suppliers for their support and cooperation.

Transportation to and from the site courtesy of the new vintage 4WD of the Estate Office. And to end the post, enjoy the pictures showing the view from the new building - the blue sea can be seen even from the first floor. 

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