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Universiti Mosque. Serenity. Calm. Peace.

In the midst of all the pursuit for knowledge and learning, hustle and bustle of academics... lies the University Mosque ~ a serene presence exuding the aura of calm and peace. The Mosque is located just in front of the Male Residential College and next to the Faculty of Science. The Mosque serves the University community as well as the neighbouring villages.

Main entrance - with an atrium

The front of the Mosque

An arch in front of the Mosque
The Minaret can be seen in the background. The way the campus was designed, the Minaret which lies on the central axis can be seen from almost anywhere in UBD

The minaret, where the call for prayer resonates throughout
the area. The minaret is approximately 60m high.

Inside the minaret...
This ceremonial plaque commemorates the opening and debut of the
University Mosque by His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei
on Friday, 15 September 1995.

Donations to the Mosque are most welcome..

Stacks of Quran waiting to be read inside the Mosque..

A verse from the Quran adorned the doorway feature in front of the
Imam (or someone who leads the prayer). The mosaic pattern is
designed specially for the Mosque.

The doorway feature..

Verses from the Quran crafted on top of all the columns..

The carpet was custom made and designed for the
Mosque, high quality BRINTONS carpet

Inside the Mosque

The Mimbar - During Friday prayers, the sermons are delivered from the Mimbar.

The top floor is reserved especially for women.

Ablution area

The Mosque can also be reached by foot through the Bambusetum Garden.

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Warees said...

Reminds me of my year as a graduate student from Nigeria. the mosques held a special attraction for me and I still romanticize returning to UBD to experience the tranquility of the masjid

Anonymous said...

Nice and appreciable post. I love the stuff which you have been shared. Thanks for sharing
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