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Autumn in UBD after Forest Fire

A major forest fire occurred last Sunday, 14th June 2009. The fire wiped out a substantial amount of forest, approximately 80 hectares (my estimation) mostly around the back of the main Institute of Medicine (IM) new building area all the way to Institute Teknologi Brunei (ITB), our neighbour.



Clockwise from top left:
  1. The fire started behind the "still under construction" ICTC building
  2. From there, it quickly spread down the hill towards the forest behind the new IM building and rapidly towards ITB
  3. The Fire and Rescue team immediately rushed to the area upon a call by our security officers
  4. The heroic security officers of UBD
[Pics courtesy of UBD Security Officer mobile phone]


The next day....

The fire burned all the forest between ITB and UBD... This picture is taken
from ITB side - UBD can now be viewed from ITB.

Contruction workers for the new ICTC building repairing their electrical and telephone line. 50 meters of their water line was also destroyed. The workers also assisted the Fire and Rescue team during the blaze.

Blackened and burnt...

The crisp and burnt Brunei national plant, Simpur

The forest behind the hills.. the fire nearly reached the housing area at Rimba


A few days later...

Everything brown and orange... like Autumn.

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