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Sometimes when we least expect it, we meet the select student extraordinaire..

The pictures was taken during the looong semester break (May 2009 to July 2009).

Students from the Silat Club practicing along the corridors
near to the Central Lecture Theater.

At the Sports Complex.. practising their
dance routine for Borneo Games

At the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education..
extra credit for Drama..

Also found some students here.

Wildlife Part II: Bird nest

Found this on a tree about 1.5 m above ground near the Administration block. No birds or eggs inside - new or abandoned? But so cute! Workmanship au naturel ~.

The Central Lecture Theater (CLT) at the heart of the campus

Located strategically in the midst of all the faculties is the two storey Central Lecture Theater. There are altogether 17 lecture rooms of various sizes and 3 lecture theaters.

Walkway linking the CLT and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Building was generously sponsored by the Misubishi Corporation.

Tall luscious trees shade the area around the CLT.

The lecture theatres - 2 with capacity of 90 and a
large one with a capacity of approximately 140.

Waiting for their next lecture.

There are 3 staircases to ease flow of movement,
especially during in-between lecture times.

The building is rectangular with a court in the centre.

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The Green Project

The Green Project
"People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people." Bryce Nelson

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