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ILIA Building - End of Defects Liability Inspection

The End-of-Defects-Liability Inspection for ILIA Building was conducted by the Lead Architect and his team. The group scoured over every tiny detail of the building and M&E works together with the main contractor, M&E contractor and us (Estate Office, UBD).

Central Lecture Theatre New Look

We are currently replacing the furniture at the Central Lecture Theatre. About time! The previous furniture is approximately 15 years old already. Have a look at the before and after pics.



The New Residential College - Concept drawings

These pictures were the concept drawings of the Residential College made by the Architect's team led by Siti Rozaimeryanti from Public Works Department way back in 2007. The contract was awarded to WSS Sdn Bhd at a cost of over B$27M in Oct 2007.



Institute of Medicine - End of Defects Liability Inspection

The inspection was held on the 8th December 2009 and concentrated mainly on the defects liability period for building and mechanical and electrical (M&E) works.

Fire Safety Audit in progress

The fire safety audit is conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department, Ministry of Home Affairs. The audit will cover all aspects of fire safety from fire safety devices to escape routes throughout the campus. This exercise is part of the Estate Office's initiative to ensure a safe working and learning environment for all. The audit started with the Chancellor Hall and will end at the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre.

PROMEEC Energy Management Site Visit - The Chiller and Boiler Tour

As one of the case study for the PROMEEC Energy Management Programme, the Estate office was recently host to a group of Energy Management specialists who were here in Brunei to conduct an Energy Management Workshop. The group consisted of the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE), Energy Conservation Center Japan (ECCJ) and representatives from Energy Division, Prime Minister's Office. 

The site visit started of with a short and sweet presentation by the Mechanical and Electrical Section, Estate Office. The visit was also attended by Estate Office personnel, Dean of Science and a student from the Master in Environmental Management. 

After the presentation, the group strolled down to the first location, the Chiller Yard. 

The second location is the Female Residential College, where the group had a close look at the boilers currently installed. The hot water from the boilers are used primarily for the showers.

The third and last location visited by the group was the Chancellor Hall stand alone chiller system. Chancellor Hall being newer than the rest of the campus is not linked to the Chiller Yard but has its own system. The same goes for the UBD Mosque, Institute of Medicine and the ILIA Building. 

After the hour long walk in the sunshine, the visiting group concluded their findings and made their recommendations. 

Some of the recommendations and findings:
  • Chiller yard water pump temperature is smooth at 4.7 degrees Fahrenheit ~ possibility of reducing the flow rate of pumps
  • To insulate the piping supplying hot water from the boilers ~ maintain temperature
  • To turn of most of the exhaust fan during low occupancy time since carbon dioxide levels will be low (less people) and extensive air interchange is not required.
  • To explore the possibility of replacing exhaust fan with an exhaust fan that has a heating unit for better and efficient air interchange. 
  • To consider replacing the 15 year old chillers. Currently, the efficiency is less than 100%. 
  • Power factor - 0.9 (acceptable)
Next in the pipeline for the Estate Office ~ to work closely with Faculty of Science and the Energy Division, Prime Minister's Office on Energy Management issues. Reducing energy usage is a priority.

The Green Project

The Estate Office in its drive to be sustainable is involved in a myriad of green activities, one of them is the Green Project. The Green Project is launched during the start of the Convocation Fest 2009 and its main objective is to increase awareness amongst the campus community on environmental, sustainable and green issues. Some of the activities under the Green Project umbrella are the Amazing Race, creation of Bike Parks and Ride-a-Bike at campus drive, Less Plastic campaign and many more. One of the projects that the Estate Office is involved in is the Green Project Workshop on Forest Rehabilitation together with the Plant-a-tree cause.





More information on other Green Project activities at Student Affairs Section and UBD Student Association.

The ILIA Building

It has been 5 months and the new ILIA Building (previously known as the Yellow Building or the CIBFM Building) is buzzing with activities. The building is located just near the main entrance into the campus - it will be the first thing you see as you enter the campus grounds. The building is home to the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA), Strategic Quality Assurance and Management Unit (SQAMU), Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and Postgraduate Studies and Research Office (PSR). We do love acronyms!


Latest Update on the New Residential College

The New Residential College is located accross the road from the current Male Residential College. The new complex will house 440 students. It is scheduled for completion in April 2010. Overall progress: 80%


Latest progress on the New ICTC Building

The new ICTC Building is located next to the Institute of Medicine. It is due for completion in March 2010 and will house the Language Centre, Educational Technology Centre and the Information, Communication Technology Centre. 

Overall progress: 60%

The Green Project

The Green Project
"People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people." Bryce Nelson

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