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The Information, Communication and Technology Centre (ICTC)

The ICTC is located within the Academic Services Building which also house the Library and the Educational Technology Centre. By 2010, with the completion of the new Academic Services Building, the space currently occupied by ICTC will be converted to Library space.

The very nice Director of ICTC. Photo taken at the ICTC Lobby.

View of the ICTC entrance as you walk from the faculty of Arts and
Social Science. The Academic Services Building is semi-circular shape,
and ICTC is located on the left hand side with the
Library in the middle and the Educational Technology
Centre at the the other end.

ICTC Entrance. The Building is 4 storeys high.

View of the faculties from the ICTC entrance.

ICTC Lobby

I will post some pictures soon on the progress of NEW Academic Services Building.

The Swanky New CIBFM Building (or affectionately named the YELLOW building by UBDians)

This building is one of the latest new buildings of UBD. By August 2009, it will be the new home for the newly established Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement and other offices of UBD. UBD will be occupying a major part of the ground floor and the whole of second floor. The other areas will be occupied by an external body, Centre for Islamic Banking and Finance (CIBFM). A first for the university in terms of space sharing with an external body. The building is located on the right just as you go into the UBD main entrance before the first roundabout. It has its back to the main road and its front faces the Chancellor Hall.

View of the building from the left side

View from the back, this will be the cafe area

Training rooms from the outside

UBD Entrance

The staircase from the groundfloor as you enter the UBD entrance

Our Vice Chancellor standing next to one of the
2 lifts at the building. Building has 4 levels.

The ground floor training rooms.

One of the bigger training room.

The smaller breakout rooms..

CIBFM Entrance / Lobby

CIBFM Lobby (Ceiling)

ILIA Offices (second Floor)

Walkway towards the meeting room

Support staff space which will be open plan

View of the Meeting room block from ILIA

Where we nurture our greens...

The nursery is located in a small corner just next to the university's sports complex and the main storage building. The area is naturally shady due to the presence of big tress and this helps protect the young plants. Since the university have a separate landscaping contract for maintenance of its grounds, the nursery supplies plants mainly for indoor areas and as added decor for UBD functions. The university directly employ 4 staff to maintain the nursery and all the indoor plants within campus.

WARNING: Lots of green pictures ahead...

A wild visitor to the University!

Can you see it?

The Chancellor Hall

The Chancellor Hall is located just next to the Administration Building. The main feature is a big hall of capacity approx. 3000 people. The hall is a new addition to the campus and was completed sometime in 2003. It is used to host the university's special events such as the convocation, conferences, seminars, forums... the list goes on.. but is also open for rental to the public.

View of the Chancellor Hall from the Administration Building

Going up towards the main entrance

At the main entrance looking towards the faculties

Inside the lobby. This area is sometimes used for exhibitions.

Inside the Main Hall. The walls are adorned with a
selection of verses from the Quran.

The stage inside the Main Hall

Universiti Brunei Darussalam on Google Map

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The second container of goodies for Institute of Medicine is here..

Today we received the second container of furniture for the IM building. Two more containers will arrive tomorrow. I was informed that everyone from the supplier's company will be working extra hours in the next few days installing and fixing the furniture. Very efficient! The dateline for moving into the new building is less than 2 weeks away.

Tables for the Anatomy Resource Centre

Items from the 2nd container

The 2nd container

Latest progress on the new Residential Colleges, UBD

Target date for completion: April 2010.

The new Residential Colleges is located just near to the entrance to Institute Teknologi Brunei. It consists of 4 blocks, 2 for the gents and 2 for the ladies. Each block 6 floors, with 22 apartments, each with 5 rooms = 110 occupants per block. All the rooms are air-conditioned fitted with a single bed, closet and a study table. Each apartment have its own kitchen, laundry area, living room, ablution area and bathroom.

Current progress: They have installed the lifts in 2 of the blocks, have started to put on the tiles to the rooms and the circulation area.

More pics here.

Getting ready to move into the new Institute of Medicine, UBD building

Target date: 25th May 2009

Progress: The 1st container of furniture (beds and lecture chairs) have arrived. The projectors for the lecture theatres installed. Looks good so far.

More pics here and here.

The Green Project

The Green Project
"People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people." Bryce Nelson

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