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The Swanky New CIBFM Building (or affectionately named the YELLOW building by UBDians)

This building is one of the latest new buildings of UBD. By August 2009, it will be the new home for the newly established Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement and other offices of UBD. UBD will be occupying a major part of the ground floor and the whole of second floor. The other areas will be occupied by an external body, Centre for Islamic Banking and Finance (CIBFM). A first for the university in terms of space sharing with an external body. The building is located on the right just as you go into the UBD main entrance before the first roundabout. It has its back to the main road and its front faces the Chancellor Hall.

View of the building from the left side

View from the back, this will be the cafe area

Training rooms from the outside

UBD Entrance

The staircase from the groundfloor as you enter the UBD entrance

Our Vice Chancellor standing next to one of the
2 lifts at the building. Building has 4 levels.

The ground floor training rooms.

One of the bigger training room.

The smaller breakout rooms..

CIBFM Entrance / Lobby

CIBFM Lobby (Ceiling)

ILIA Offices (second Floor)

Walkway towards the meeting room

Support staff space which will be open plan

View of the Meeting room block from ILIA

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